Special Guests

\\Larry Hama

Larry is a writer, cartoonist, illustrator, actor, and musician who has worked in comics, tv & film.  He's best known as the writer of Marvel’s “GI Joe” & “Wolverine” comics. Most recently, he's the author of “The Death of Captain America” a prose novel for Marvel (hardcover) that features characters (Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Nick Fury) who are prominent in the new Captain America movie.

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\\Marty Abrams

Marty has lived and breathed the toy business for over 40 years. He started out in his family’s company, Mego, and has consistently made mega-hits with popular lines such as Magna Doodle, SkyDancers, Micronauts and early Nintendo launched in the U.S. There are now over 750,000 websites mentioning products by Mego, and its action figures are highly prized collectibles worth thousands of dollars. Mego Corporation manufactured the first comprehensive line of DC and Marvel characters, and there is even - believe it or not - a Mego Museum!

Marty has been called the Father of Action Figures and a true pioneer of licensed products, once having his story and product gracing the cover of NY Times Magazine. He has also been featured in People Magazine, and there are no less than three books written about him. Now the head of I-Star Entertainment, he’s still filling mass market shelves around the globe.

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\\Dr. Mego

Info on Dr. Mego

\\Joel Rosenzweig

Info on Joel

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\\Larry Selman

  Larry Selman was born in Pennsylvania and raised in a military family. Following graduation from York Academy of Art in 1982, he built a successful career in the paperback novel illustration field. Collaborating with the top art directors and major publishers in New York and around the United States such as Bantam, Dell, Avon, Outdoor Life, New American Library, St. Martins and many more while establishing a reputation of excellence.

  As an illustrator his work appeared on many of the Classic Collection of GI Joe- over 125 pieces of box art in an 8 year span! Several ofthe illustrations received prestigious awards from the packaging industry.

  Leaving the illustration field he has been firmly established in the American historical art market for several years. Original works of art can be found at the US Army War College, Command and General Staff College Ft. Leavenworth and on bases and museums throughout the United States. He is the only artist to depict every era of American military history and every branch of service.
  Larry has also contributed to the Jurassic Park franchise with some amazing artwork!

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\\Tom Feister

Info about Tom

\\The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club

  "The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club" is the world’s premier G.I. Joe costuming organization. Founded in 2007, the club has expanded to include several hundred members in nearly 40 states and six countries. The Finest celebrates the G.I. Joe universe through the creation and wearing of high-quality costumes and props based upon canon characters from the G.I. Joe universe.
  Each year, Finest members appear and exhibit at nearly 75 pop-culture conventions, parades, and other events worldwide. Since 2014, we have raised nearly $30,000 for military and veteran charities, with all proceeds donated to organizations such as the USO and K9s For Warriors!

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1pm-8pm Vendors early load in / set up
3pm-6pm Commanders & Early Bird Registration
6pm-8pm Vendor Preview
8pm-10pm EJ's Lobby Swap - Theater 1
9pm-10pm State of the Hobby Roundtable  - Theater 1


7am-9am Vendors load In / set up
9am: Commanders Early Admission
10am-6pm Dioramas - Theater 2
10am-6pm General Admission
11am Cereal Premiums Panel - Theater 1
1pm Star Wars Panel - Theater 1
2pm-2:45pm Possum Kingdom Ramblers Concert - Vendor Hall 1
3pm An Adventure in Toy Design
(Kenner designers Star Wars/Jurassic Park Panel) - Theater 1
4pm When Ukuleles Attack - Vendor Hall 1
4:30pm Custom Figure/Diorama Contest Results - Theater 2
4:30pm Transformers Panel - Theater 1
7pm-8pm Parachute Drop - Lobby
8pm-9:30pm Film Festival - Theater 1
9:30pm-10pm Auction - Theater 1
10pm-Midnight Radio Cult Concert - Theater 1


8am-10am Vendor refresh
8:30am-9am Devotion - Theater 1
9am Commanders Early Admission
10am-4pm Dioramas - Theater 2
10am-4pm General Admission
11am-3pm Joelanta presents Panels with Larry Hama and more! Theater 1
4pm-6pm Vendor Breakdown


Grimm Reaper Challenge at Lucky's
(meet in the Lobby of The Marriott at 6pm)

THURSDAY - March 7
Hawg & Ale Smokehouse BBQ
25 Powder Springs St, Marietta, GA 30064
(meet in the Lobby of The Marriott at 6pm)



\\State of the Hobby Roundtable - Theater 1, Friday 9pm
Get an insight into new product lines and innovations in the one sixth hobby for the upcoming year from industry insiders, manufacturers, customizers and super fans.


\\Cereal Premiums - Theater 1, Saturday 11am

This panel will look at premium toys from Cracker Jack and cereal box toys to advertising and character premiums. Panelists will discuss the impact of these toys on society and popular culture. Panelists will also discuss their favorite toy premiums.


\\GA Alliance of Star Wars Collectors presents: Collecting 101 - Theater 1, Saturday 1pm

This fun and insightful panel is hosted by GASWC members Justin Haynie, Glen Williams, Narayan Naik, and Jason Cain. These expert collectors begin by presenting a concise overview of subtopics within the hobby of Star Wars action figure collecting including carded and boxed items, loose figures and variants, grading, bootlegs, original weapons and accessories, as well as the controversial subject of reproduction items. The latter portion of the presentation includes a Q&A segment, which allows the hosts to elaborate on specifics within these topics based on the interests of the audience. Attendees will leave with a deeper knowledge of the hobby and maybe make some new friends in the process!

Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors: The GASWC is a Georgia based club founded in 2017 by Atlanta area collectors Glen Williams, Justin Haynie, and Shane Kelly. These gentlemen have over 50 years of combined experience in vintage toy collecting and their knowledge and love for Star Wars toys has allowed them to recruit likeminded enthusiasts throughout the state and region. GASWC hosts monthly meetups that highlight member collections as well as collector swap meets. The group has maintained a growing presence on the collectors’ convention circuit, regularly attending and presenting at regional as well as national conventions. The GASWC is quickly gaining a name for itself in the Star Wars collecting community and is always looking to expand its ranks.

\\An Adventure in Toy Design (Kenner designers Star Wars/Jurassic Park Panel)  -
Theater 1, Saturday 3pm

Tim Effler presents highlights of his career as a toy designer, including snap shots of the early years of Star Wars and details of Hasbro’s original pitch to acquire toy rights to Jurassic Park.

\\Transformers Panel - Theater 1, Saturday 4:30pm

The Annual Toylanta Transformers panel returns! With discussion on the current state of the hobby including Generations, Studio Series, Masterpiece and more!

\\JOELANTA presents a day of GI Joe - Theater 1, Sunday 11am

Join us for a celebration of GI Joe with Larry Hama, Larry Selman, Greg Autore and more as we explore this awesome toy line. 


Live Music

\\Radio Cult - Theater 1, Saturday 10pm

Since 2005, Radio Cult has performed over 800 shows including conventions, casinos, weddings, fraternity parties, corporate events and festivals as well as in bars, concert halls and other music venues from their hometown of Atlanta, GA all the way to Los Angeles, CA and London, UK. The members of Radio Cult LOVE to play in a band and it shows. When the band has fun, the crowd has fun and with Radio Cult the crowd really has a blast! So what are you waiting for? Check out Radio Cult today!

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\\Possum Kingdom Ramblers - Vendor Hall 1, Saturday 2pm

Have you ever wondered what nerdgrass sounded like? Here's your chance! Be forwarned- you will hear songs about outer space and cats!

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\\When Ukuleles Attack - Vendor Hall 1, Saturday 4pm

While cave-diving off the coast of Uketania, three amateur spelunkers accidentally disturbed a nest of wild ukuleles.  The explorers were mauled savagely, but a side effect of the bites caused two of them to instantly become adequate ukulele players, and one of them to become a blue gorilla who plays bass for some reason.  More importantly, the toxins boiling in their blood now compelled them to team up and spread the venom of ukulele music far and wide, as the band When Ukuleles Attack.

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\\Sass Parilla, The Singing Gorilla - TBD

Originally from the wilds of Borneo, Sass Parilla, the Singing Gorilla makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Refusing to do singing telegrams, Sass has set his sights on beating a better path for singing gorillas everywhere. You'll see him around town from time to time, as one of the few male members of the Doll Squad Burlesque Review, opening for and sitting in with friends around Atlanta, not to mention playing with fair regularity at the Star Bar in Little Five Points.

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Film Festival

Theater 1, Saturday 8pm

Amazingly creative fan films from all over the globe featuring all types of toys and action figures in all shapes and sizes. This has been a big event every year, so please arrive early to secure your seats! If you'd like to enter a film for possible inclusion, please contact Tim Weeden.

Parachute Drop

Lobby, Saturday 7pm
With such an iconic lobby space, the atrium of the Marriott Century Center lends itself perfectly to the Parachute Drop that has been a long running tradition at the convention. Initially only one sixth GI Joes were given the honor but in recent years there have been a much wider variety of toys and action figures participating in this adventurous journey. From Monster High to Star Wars to GI Joe RAH and everything in between. The event takes place on Saturday night and all who have any of the 3 multiple day passes can participate. Be creative and let's see what you bring to the party.


Charity Auction

Theater 1, Saturday 9:30pm
Every year many generous folks donate original artwork, custom figures and sought after items to be Auctioned off. Proceeds go to The Cody Lane Memorial Toy and Diorama Museum a 501 (c) 3 organization that runs TOYLANTA.


EJ's Lobby Swap

Theater 1, Friday 8pm
A fan favorite is EJ's Lobby Swap event created by TOYLANTA's MC himself Mr. EJ White. The event is open to anyone with a 3-day pass who can bring a tub of toys and collectibles to trade or sell with other attendees.


Pop Culture Car Show

Front Parking Lot
We are happy to announce that our Pop Culture Car Show will be back in 2019! Past shows have included greats like The Ghostbusters Quick Response Unit, The Batmobile, The Jurassic Park Jeep, and The Zombie Tactical Field and Response Team Vehicle. Come take some pictures and check out the merchandise!

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