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Special Guests

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\\Kevin Sexton

     Kevin has been a comic book artist for the past eleven years but, an artist for the past 44 years. He has completed his own line of comic books, 13 to be exact entitled: “Vampyres: Dalton Nights, Bigfoot, and Paranormal Chasers” and he is a self published and writer. He has now written, directed, and starred in 4 films based upon the Paranormal Chasers Books.

     Over the last seven years he has became a sculptor and has recently began producing his own line of action figures and trophies for local teams. His sculpting capabilities have grown and earned him awards at past conventions such as Wonderfest in Louisville, KY for his diorama of Indiana Jones.  He also won a “Merit of Fine Art” award on his sculpture simply titled Minotaur. He is currently working on several commissioned products included one for Santiago Cirilo of AMC’s Walking Dead, called “Zombie Headhunter”.
     He has 21 years of experience as a professional wrestler holding 17 title belts in his career. He is currently working with other directors as a stunt fight choreographer.
    For the past several months Kevin has been sculpting Vintage Star Wars toys, for a UK based company called Smith Lords Creations. He is their very first US base artist, plus he has sculpted the largest toy for the company to this date. Kevin is current working vintage style MEGO figures for Santiago Cirilo. They plan to also collaborate on a Dread Drake figure from Paranormal Chasers as well.

Toy Smuggler Kevin Sexton
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\\Creeptique / Medina P. Oliver

My company, "Creeptique," arose from my lifelong obsession with unusual antiques, especially Victorian Era dolls. It's a merging of the words "creepy antique."  With time, I began to love a wide variety of toys, from vintage to modern. I am so passionate about research, repair and restoration that I collect books on those subjects and make notes constantly. My YouTube channel is most known for my doll hair rerooting tutorials, which now have over 130,000 views. I enjoy meeting people with similar hobbies, and teaching those who are interested in restoring dolls for their personal collection or resale. From these people, I love to hear about the provenance, stories and memories that give their dolls and toys their unique history! Creeptique is often a featured vendor at Georgia Vintage Goods, Bizarre Bazaar and the East Atlanta Strut. I'm a proud member of the Atlanta Doll Collectors and I'm a big part of their annual doll show.

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\\Shane Morton

SHANE MORTON is the mad scientist behind the Silver Scream FX LAB. At the age of 3 Shane Morton saw King Kong (’33) and he has been a monster maker ever since. In over 2 decades as a professional in the horror business he has worked with such greats as Stan Winston studios and Rob Zombie. He has designed and built horror attractions and haunted houses all over the country, the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, being his biggest and best. You can see his recent film work in the indie, grindhouse hit Dear God No!, the upcoming Mandy, and on television with Adult Swim’s smash hit, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, where he was the Art Director of Hell and supplied special effects and make-ups. He is the producer, writer, director, and lead actor of The Silver Scream Spook Show, which has been running for over 6 years now with 50 episodes and over 100 performances.

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Sonya Thompson 1
Sonya Thompson 2

\\Sonya Thompson

Sonya Thompson, actress, author, producer, director and artist. She has played roles from detective to zombie, not only in film but also prime time TV. She is known for her main zombie roles in the film 'Zombieland' and the hit TV show 'The Walking Dead'(Season's 1 & 2). Her modeling experience came in handy as a promo zombie for the TV show 'The Walking Dead' and those photos are some of the most seen in the world for advertisement. She has been featured on the magazine covers,  posters, tee shirts, bill boards, DVD/Blu Ray covers, trading cards and has also been featured in the Walking Dead Comic book issue #75, along side the main cast.

One of her most loved roles was on the webseries 'Lumber Baron of Jasper county' in which she played the role of a tomboy named Sam. Other roles include, Catherine in the movie 'LWA:All Saints' Eve; Alice in the movie 'The Lost Day' starring William Baldwin and Danny Trejo; Victoria Stubaker in the film 'Prosper'; Maude in the movie "Bigfoot", Flo in the film 'This Old Machine'; Detective Chelsea in 'Ebony Knight'; The Under the bed Patient in 'Sick People' starring C Thomas Howell and Jasmine Guy; Mrs Wilkes in 'The Runner'; Victoria the librarian in All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest; Jasmine in the film 'Sprout'; The receptionist in the movie 'The System', A cancer Patient in the TV show Sid Roth's Its Supernatural, and a detective in the film 'Encuéntrate'. She has appeared in H2 as a dead nurse, Van Wilder Freshman year as a professor, and many more. She wrote a zombie guide called "I am zombie, hear me Snarl" Co director and producer on the web pilot: 'Akkadia'; Segment Director on the Movie Cry For Revenge; Producer for the documentary: "Storm"; She also appears in the documentary: 'The Write Of Passage' as her self. She did a voice over for a My little pony fan film, as 'AppleJack'

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\\Randyl Bishop

Randyl Bishop is a professional animator, graphic designer, and comic book creator based in Augusta, GA. From simple logo design to large scale animation projects, Army Veteran and family man Randyl Bishop has been involved in many aspects of the visual arts. He is most well known for his numerous animated music videos and his comic book "The Hawk of New York." As a graduate of Full Sail University, he is currently exploring the possibilities afforded by 3D rendering technology.

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1pm-6pm Vendor load-in

3pm-6pm Registration for Commanders/Early Bird

6pm-8pm Vendor Preview

8pm EJ's World Famous Lobby Swap

9:30pm-10:30pm State of the Hobby Panel
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

* Room Trading (after show floor closes) will be posted on a Dry erase board in the Lobby.

7am-9am Vendor Refresh

9am-10am Early Entry for Commanders, Early Birds, & 2-Day Passholders

10am-6pm General Admission

11am-Noon Custom Creation 101: 3D Design & 3D Printing

(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

12:30pm-1:15pm Creeptique: Making a Tool to Root Hair PANEL
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

1:30pm-2:15pm STAR WARS toy collecting GASWC PANEL
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

2:30pm-3:15pm Creating the STAR WARS vintage Bantha
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

3:30pm-4:15pm The Future of Toys: A Look Inside The Industry
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

4:30pm Cosplay Contest PANEL
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

7pm-8:30pm Joelanta Parachute Drop/Launch
(Lawn overlooking golf course)

7pm STAR WARS Toy Swap hosted by Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors
(Room "G")

8:30pm-9:30pm Film Festival

(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

9:30pm-10pm Cody Lane Charity Auction
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

10pm-12am Radio Cult concert
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)


7am-9am Vendor Refresh

Early Entry for Commanders, Early Birds, & 2-Day Passholders

10am-4pm General Admission

Noon-12:45pm Adventure Team at 50 PANEL
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

1pm-1:45pm Diorama Making with Joey Tutor PANEL
(Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

2pm-2:45pm Transformers Collecting
((Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room)

4pm-6pm Vendor Breakdown



\\State of the Hobby Roundtable -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Friday 9:30pm

Get an insight into new product lines and innovations in the one sixth hobby for the upcoming year from industry insiders, manufacturers, customizers and super fans.

\\Custom Creation 101: 3D Design & 3D Printing -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Saturday 11:00-Noon
Join Randyl Bishop and Aaron Luck for an introduction to modern 3D design and 3D printing of custom action figure parts and accessories.

\\Hair Rooting -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Saturday 12:30-1:15pm
Medina P. Oliver (of Creeptique) shows you how to create a tool to re-root hair on vinyl/soft plastic dolls and action figures.

\\STAR WARS toy collecting -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room Saturday 1:30pm-2:15pm

Do you collect STAR WARS toys or just curious what it's all about! Join GASWC as they discuss their favorite and least favorite STAR WARS toys!

\\Creating the STAR WARS vintage Batha -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Saturday 2:30pm-3:15pm

Come listen as Kevin the Toy Smuggler talks about how he created the vintage Bantha from the STAR WARS toy line!

\\The Future of Toys: A Look Inside The Industry -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Saturday 3:30pm-4:15pm
Toy industry professional, Chris Krahn, offers an inside look at what it takes to bring Star Wars toys from the drawing board to our collections.


\\Adventure Team at 50 -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Sunday Noon-12:45pm
50 years of Adventure Team!!!

\\Diorama Making -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Sunday 1:00pm-1:45pm
Joey Tutor will talk to you about how to create great dioramas!

\\Transformers Collecting -
Events & Panels Room/Sanford Room, Sunday 2pm-2:45pm

Join Rob as he talks about upcoming Transformers toys and more! From Kingdom to Netflix and everything in between, this panel is More than Meets the Eye!


Live Music


\\Radio Cult - Saturday, 10pm, Events & Panels Room

Since 2005, Radio Cult has performed over 800 shows including conventions, casinos, weddings, fraternity parties, corporate events and festivals as well as in bars, concert halls and other music venues from their hometown of Atlanta, GA all the way to Los Angeles, CA and London, UK. The members of Radio Cult LOVE to play in a band and it shows. When the band has fun, the crowd has fun and with Radio Cult the crowd really has a blast! So what are you waiting for? Check out Radio Cult today!

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\\Possum Kingdom Ramblers - Saturday, 2pm

Songs about cats, space, monsters, cats, space travel, space cats, space worms, and cats. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

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\\When Ukuleles Attack - Saturday, 3pm

We're totally a band and not just three very silly people who sing and play ukuleles together.

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\\Sass Parilla The Singing Gorilla

The name says it all!

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Film Festival


Saturday, 8:30pm, Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room

Amazingly creative fan films from all over the globe featuring all types of toys and action figures in all shapes and sizes. This has been a big event every year, so please arrive early to secure your seats!

Joelanta's Famous Parachute Drop

Saturday, 7pm, Lawn overlooking golf course
The Parachute Drop has been a long running tradition at Joelanta/Toylanta. Initially only one sixth GI Joes were given the honor but in recent years there have been a much wider variety of toys and action figures participating in this adventurous journey. From Monster High to Star Wars to GI Joe RAH and everything in between. The event takes place on Saturday night and all who have any of the 3 multiple day passes can participate. Be creative and let's see what you bring to the party.


Charity Auction

Saturday, 9:30pm, Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room
Every year many generous folks donate original artwork, custom figures and sought after items to be Auctioned off. Proceeds go to The Cody Lane Memorial Toy and Diorama Museum a 501 (c) 3 organization that runs TOYLANTA.


EJ's Lobby Swap


Friday, 8pm, Lobby
A fan favorite is EJ's Lobby Swap event created by TOYLANTA's MC himself Mr. EJ White. The event is open to anyone with a 3-day pass. You can bring a tub of toys and collectibles to trade or sell with other attendees. Please be mindful of social distancing!

GASWC Star Wars Toy Swap


Saturday, 7pm, Room "G"

GASWC - Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors present: The Star Wars Toy Swap and GASWC Party Saturday evening.


Console Gaming Room


Room "I" (Lower Level)
The fantastic Southern Fried Gaming Expo is sponsoring the Toylanta Console Gaming Room! They will be hosting a number of vintage console video games throughout the weekend! Check out information on THEIR show at:

Board Games & Role Playing

Chess Board

Panel Room 2 (Lower Level)
Take a step back and remember the fun of analog gaming. Various board games and role playing games will be hosted throughout the weekend.


Cosplay Contest


Saturday, 4:30pm,
Events & Panel Room/Sanford Room

If anyone is like me, the cancellation of ToyLanta last year was tough! So let's celebrate the New Year and the return of ToyLanta with a Cosplay Contest! It will be held on Saturday afternoon, and first, second, and third place winners will receive some amazing prizes! More details will be coming soon, so keep on the lookout!!