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Joelanta 2024 Vendor Terms & Conditions

1.     Payment of your Joelanta 2024 vendor invoice acts as a written contract between Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional event, Good Journey LLC and the invoiced party/vendor. By paying your invoice, you agree to adhere to all Joelanta 2024 a Good Journey LLC Promotional Event’s Vendor terms and conditions.

2.     All vendors must check in to receive their vendor paperwork prior to unloading any merchandise.

3.     Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional Event agrees to provide vendors with the space they purchased as agreed upon. Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional Event agrees to have setup time available Friday September 27th, beginning at 7:00am. Setup must be completed no later than September 27th by 4:00pm. Exact times subject to change and will be determined as we get closer to the show.

4.     Vendors will have thirty (30) minutes Friday and Saturday night(s) to close down their booth once the show floor closes. Once the door has been locked Friday and Saturday night, no vendors or volunteers will be allowed back into the showroom(s) until 7:30am the next morning.

5.     Vendors are required to attend booth all days of the convention and must have booth staffed at all times during convention hours. BREAKDOWN IS NO EARLIER THAN 4:30PM ON SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH. Vendor agrees to vacate the convention hall premises by Sunday September 29th by 8:00pm.

6.     No vendor/artist is to offer any pornographic materials, stolen goods or illegal items at their table. This is a “Family Friendly” show. 

7.     All merchandise displayed on your table is considered your property and falls under your vendor contract.

8.     No vendor is to block any fire exit, row, aisle, floor space, or entrance to another vendor's booth to expand their displays.

9.     No vendor is allowed to build their displays above a height of ten (10) feet for safety reasons.

10.  Even if designated as an allowed smoking/vaping area by the convention center, there is absolutely no smoking/vaping allowed outside or near any exit or loading door near the vendor areas during the course of load-in, load-out or the show itself.

11.  Vendor contract including terms and conditions, and invoice are sent after a vendor has been approved. Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional Event reserves the right to deny any vendor to ensure a broad representation of products.


13.  Vendors must strictly adhere to the allotted dimensions/space purchased. 

14.  You and your entire party must sit/stand within your own space. Any young children must remain with you at all times.


16.  Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional event is not responsible for any loss or damage to vendors’ materials, goods, samples or other property which may occur.

17.  Vendors will hold Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional event, Good Journey LLC and the convention and hotel locations harmless for any personal injury or damage to goods that may occur.

18.  Violators of the terms and conditions of this agreement will be asked to cease operating their booth and forfeit fee payment. Participation in future Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional events may also be denied. In extreme cases, vendors may be removed from the premises.

19.  Vendors are not allowed to attach anything to the event walls or floors. Any damage caused to event property, including chairs and tables, shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor themselves.

20.  Sales tax is the responsibility of the vendor/artist to collect according to local and state laws.

21.  Each vendor doing business at Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional event, will have submitted a vendor application and paid their vendor invoice in full.  ‘Booth splitting’ and/or 'subletting' is not permitted. Vendors may request to have their booth adjacent or in proximity to another vendor (such requests are NOT guaranteed to be honored; requested accommodations are at the sole discretion of Joelanta a Good Journey LLC Promotional event staff).

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