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Winner will be announced at Noon on Sunday in the Contest Room!

1st Place

Cotswold Gift Certificate

2nd Place

Cotswold Gift Certificate

3rd Place

Cotswold Gift Certificate

The Custom Figure Contest is sponsored by:


Contest Rules for Single Figure

EMAIL to secure your submission!

1} The Figure is stand-alone.
  A} Single figure means that there is only 1 (one) figure involved on a base for judging purposes.


2} Bases are not part of the judging of a figure.
  A} A diorama style base can be used to support your figure, but it is NOT part of the judging criteria and will not be used for points in judging.


3} Figures must be 1/6th scale or 12 inches tall.
  A} Some company’s figures are a little bigger or a little smaller. The use of 1/6th scale
and 12 inch describing the size covers figures that are accurately portrayed in height and stature in this scale.

4} Figures in the 1/6th scale or 12-inch action figure realm are subject to judging.
  A} This includes Hasbro, Dragon, 21st Century, BBi, Hot Toys, Sideshow, but is not
limited to these and includes all others.

5} Figures cannot be modified once they are placed in the judging area.
  A} Exceptions to the rule are: Fixing a figure that has fallen over and broken or has
been touched and broken.

6} All items attached to the figure should be attached securely as the figure will be moved and handled in some form by the judges. Although something falling off will NOT count against the judged figure some pieces could be lost.

7} Controversial subject matter: If you believe that someone MAY be offended by your figure then please contact the show staff so that the figure may be inspected prior to being placed in the judging area.

8} Remember, this is a family-oriented show, be considerate with written markings, death, grotesque images, profanity, and nudity.

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